Tchrebalo Tvishi (EN)

€ 17,90

Tvishi is a surprising wine from the colder mountain region of West Georgia. The wine has a delicious slightly sweet taste with a color that goes from straw yellow to light golden green. In the rich tropical aroma you can taste dried apricots and intense fruit, vibrant and refreshing acids.

Grape Tsolikouri

Vintage 2017

Origin West Georgia, Tvishi microzone

Vineyard West Georgia, Tchrebalo wine cellar

Harvest Details The grapes are picked by hand.

Production method The Tvhisi is produced in a "European" way.

Taste Aromas of dried apricots. This half sweet Tvishi is very suitable for drinking with paté, foie gras, cheese, tuna dishes, salads and chocolate. Serve the wine at a temperature of 8-10ºC.

Alcohol 12% vol

Sugar 35.84 g / l