Gurashvili’s Kisi Mtsvane Qvevri (EN)

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This high quality orange or amber colored wine is produced from two of the oldest grape varieties, the "Kakhetian" grapes Kisi and Mtsvane. The vineyards of Gurashvili are located in the village of Tibaani in the Sighnaghi district. This vineyard is located next to a forest on a rolling slope with a very fertile and vibrant soil. The taste of this wine is soft and very specific.

Grape Kisi and Mtsvane

Vintage 2016

Origin East Georgia, Kakheti, Signaghi, Tibaani

Vineyard East Georgia, Gura LTD

Harvest Details The Kisi and Mtsvane grape are harvested by hand.

Production Method Georgian Kakhetic Qvevri technique. With this traditional technique, the wine fermentes and ages in a large earthenware vessel, the Qvevri, which is placed entirely underground. The pressed grapes go into the Qvevri with stalks, seeds and skins. The fermentation process takes about 2 weeks, during which the wine is stirred manually three times a day. Thereafter the wine remains in the Qvevri for aging for some time. The wine is not filtered.

Taste Aromas of (dried) apricots and peaches, almonds, hazelnuts, marmalade and orange peel. The wine has a high tannin content. Drink the Gurashvili’s Kisi Mtsvane with roasted meat and seafood. Serve the wine at a temperature of 12-14ºC.

Store at 16ºC.

Alcohol 13% vol