Winiveria Tsitska Tsolikauri Krakhuna (EN)

€ 13,00

This delicious white wine comes from East Georgia. Enjoy it on a warm summer evening on a terrace.

Grape The grape varieties Tsitska, Tsolikauri, Krakhuna come from Central Georgia.

Year 2020

Origin East Georgia, Kakheti Vineyard East Georgia, Winiveria Domain

Harvest Details The grapes are picked by hand.

Production method The Winiveria Tsitska Tsolikauri Krakhuna is produced in a 'European' way. The fermentation takes an average of two weeks at a temperature of 13 -15°C.

Taste Winiveria Tsitska Tsolikauri Krakhuna has fruity notes and a soft aftertaste. The wine is delicious with salads, fish dishes, poultry.

Alcoho: 13%